What is
Natural down?

Down is the light and thin layer found under the feathers of a waterfowl (geese, ducks and swans) and more specifically on the abdomen.

Its three-dimensional structure and its fluffy filaments allow to store millions of air pockets to protect the animals from the cold.

The larger the down particles are, the better its ability to fill air, making it a very good insulator.

Duvet quilt :
Side view

A down particle, from a close up view, has a rounded shape that may look like a dandelion after its blossom period.

Properties that make down so in demand are its lightness, its compressibility, its recovery power, its elasticity and its breathability aptitude.

It is said that the fillpower/loft of the down defines its quality. In other words, it’s the density ratio that measures number of cubic inches that one ounce of down can fill. We buy very supreme loft down quality with a fillpower that is always superior to 750.

The down is a thermoregulatory material. More down quantity is important in the blend vs feathers, the better is its ability to keep the air. It isolates as much as cold then heat. Our duvet are hypoallergenic.

Natural down is biodegradable. Besides its white color, down is a green choice. A duvet made with premium down will last a very long time.

Laduvet Nordique's

  1. Soft fabric

    100% cotton

  2. Canadian down

    Min. 90% down
    Less 10% feathers & plumules

  3. Soft fabric

    100% cotton

That being said,
Let's make a sketch!


The term “down” refers to the cluster. It has light fluffy filaments (barbs) that are branching to create a rounded shape, having no quill shaft (central part).

Laduvet Nordique = Min. 90% net down

Down fiber

The term “down fiber” refers to detached barbs from down and plumule. They are usually indistinguishable from the barbs of down.


The term “plumule” is used for miniture feathers whose soft and gentle shaft that is not yet fully formed.


The term “feather” refers to the external calloused structure covering the bird’s body. It has a more rigid central quill shaft.

Why is down
better insulating than synthetic fabrics?

Down (of average quality) has ability to fill three time more space than that of synthetic filling (of average quality).


The animal's nature and its maturity

We chose to use breeding duck down; the latter being a residual product of food. As duck meat is more delicate, juicier and less fat than goose meat, so it’s consumed in greater numbers; its down is therefore in greater amount. A mature duck will provide 95 à 97 % of its income for its food and only 3 to 5 % for its down. This behind said, there is no producer who would raise animals for down alone. 

The animal's origin

An aquatic bird from Nordic countries naturally have higher swelling feather and down (more insulating) to acclimate to cold temperatures than an aquatic bird living in a tropical country. Canadian duck down is one of the best on the global market and thereby one of the most sought. Ours is partly from Brome Lake(Quebec province) and Hutterites communities of western Canada. Always look for a down whose origin is clearly identified. Selected farms are approved by the Canadian down Association when they encounter animal ethical conditions. Down that comes from ethical farms is more commonly called ETHICAL DOWN. Using canadian ethical down to fill our duvet help create canadian jobs and local economic development.

The down blend composition

There are several mixtures of down on the market, made up down, down fibers, feathers and plumules. It’s impossible to find a duvet only made up of down cluster. For your information, a mixture of high quality will be 90 % down. The higher down content is, the higher quality is.

The down fillpower (the loft)

The filling capacity will influence the duvet weight and thereby its comfort. With a high fillpower down quality, only a small amount of down is needed to fill a large volume. The lighter the duvet, less pressure will be on the body and thus the better sleep. 

We always buy a supreme loft down quality from ethical canadian farms. Nothing less then 750 fillpower.