Laduvet chooses to use only the best materials available on the market to provide an exceptional comfort.  High quality management is at the heart of priorities. Controlled with high quality standards and frequent batch inspections, we ensure quality.

Superior quality
Canadian down

  • Comes from mature white ducks, raised mostly by Hutterite communities located in Western Canada

  • A fill power of 750, minimum

  • With a minimum of 90% down: the balance is a combination of plumules, feathers & duvet fibers

  • Always treated with high performance anti-bacterian & hypoallergenic Ultra-Fresh   www.ultra-fresh.com

  • Downmark® Certified, by the Down Association of Canada  www.downmark.ca

Hotel suite type
Downproof silky cotton

  • 400 threads per inches for exeptionnal softness 

  • Tight weaving with triple cire finish to keep down inside the duvet

  • Certified cotton : ”confidence in textile” standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, ensuring no dangerous or irritating products are being used in textile manufacturing


  • High end quality fabrics: prolonged resistance to washing

  • Manufacturing quality: the main seam stitches are lined for added strength

  • Triple hem contour

  • Each down cell (square) is a closed seam to prevent the down to migrate in a single section

The importance of
each detail

  • Oversized duvet to perfectly cover the side of your mattress with elegance

  • The loops in each corner keep the duvet in place in the duvetcover

  • Each down filling injection is carefully weighed in order to attain uniformed cells

Made in

  • Each stage of production is subject to rigorous control tests to ensure the highest quality possible. Thus, each stitching and each seam is carefully inspected before proceeding to the next step. A final inspection is made before shipping the product to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Our products are proudly designed and made in Montreal.

  • Our knowledge and expertise is inspired by the First Nations who used down as an insulator of first choice.