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Design and purposes

An elegant and comfortable duvet designed to be carried everywhere. Each section of down is completely closed, which prevents the down to move from one end of the duvet to the other in just a few nights. Smaller and more compact, you’ll love its versatile and easy-to-use side no matter what trip or activity you want; small RV, camping, in a glamping shelter, at the cottage, visiting friends, at the hotel and what about netflix nights. The uses are many and this duvet becomes a must for people who like to go on an adventure for a weekend or more. Definitely a nice gift idea for anyone who likes comfort and travel

Transport bag

The nomad duvet comes with a small carrying bag made of oxford cotton. A hand grip and a handle allow easy movement. The inside of the bag is covered with nylon for durability, but also for easy fit in. An elastic bungee cord and a blocker is used for closure.

Weight and dimensions

Once rolled and stored in the bag, package is approximately 18 ” / 46cm long with a diameter of 8 ” / 20.5cm. The duvet covers a double mattress or the surface of a queen mattress. It measures 66 x 80 ” / 167 x 203 cm.

Heat level & comfort zone

This duvet is ideal heat level that will suit the majority of people in a room of 18-20 C.


A beautiful  duvet that will remains fluffy years after years, due to its very high quality of down. It’s impressive to see that the duvet regains its volume every time we use and just as impressive to see how much it can be compressed.

Small loop details

If you want to put this duvet in a cover, there is a system of loops like the other duvets Laduvet Nordic. The nomad duvet cover is sold separately.


The fabric used for the duvet is 100% cotton, soft, breathable, durable and down proof. There is a charming gray oxford bias all around matching the carrying bag.

Machine washable

You can wash the duvet with a domestic washing machine, provided that it does not include a central agitator. We suggest to ventilate the duvet after each use in camping / glamping and before storage to prevent moisture accumulation. See more details in the FAQ section. http://WWW.LADUVETNORDIQUE.COM/FAQ

Long term storage

If you go a few days to a month, there is no problem to use the small bag sold with the duvet for a course storage. However, if you put the duvet in a closet for more than a month, it is better to use a large cotton bag, for example a large pillowcase. Do not leave a compressed down product too long, otherwise you risk damaging it. Preferably, put the quilt in the small case only the time of your trip

Product approved by the Down Association of Canada (Downmark®). 

Manufacturing time : approx 3 weeks

Additional information

Duvet type

Medium heat


750 +


18,5 oz / 525 g


Pure white with lovely grey biais


Available on backorder

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