Frequently Asked

What are the care instructions for your duvet?

We suggest to put the duvet in a breathable duvetcover to protect it from possible stains and dust. We recommend you to wash your duvet occasionately . You can wash your duvet in a domestic washing machine; it does not need to be frontal, but the tub must not have central agitator (tub must be big, more especially for the nordic and 4-seasons models).

What’s most important is to wash the duvet with small amount of liquid soap without bleach or softener and to chose a gentle setting with cold water (double rinse) .  For drying, you must do several cold cycles of 15 minutes, without fabric softener. Between each cycle, care to separate the down to resume its maximum fillpower. We highly recommand to add balls in the dryer in order to facilitate and make it faster, you may choose natural wool balls- not tenis balls. Here are the perfect balls you need for down bedding : 

If you are not comfortable with cleaning your duvet yourself, you can send it to a professional cleaning service, but always remember: never have it drycleaned because the chemicals can damage the down fibers and flatten your duvet. 

On a cloudy windy day, you can put your duvet outside for refresh easy and avoid loundry washing.

What are the care instructions for your duvet cover?

Style : Mini square

Wash in cold water with gentle cycle.

Hang dry or dry flat, then iron with average heat.

Do not use softner or bleach.

wash separatly – even more true with black to avoid colored dust from other items.


Style : Reversible cover

Wash in cold water with gentle cycle.

Hang dry, then iron with average heat. You can use dryer at delicat-very low temperature.

Do not use softner or bleach.


how to iron easily your cover:

iron the contour first, then fold the cover in 2 or in four to iron multiple layer at once.

Once on the bed with the duvet inside, you can iron to finish the side that face up. It’s easy to iron once it’s on the bed.

What treatment does the down go through ?

When the down arrives at the supplier, it goes through a 5-step cleaning process. First, the down is dedusted and washed in very hot water. Then, detergent and organic degreasers are added to wash it thoroughly. In addition, fifteen rinse cycles result in the removal of any fine dust left and possible residues.

Afterwards, Ultra-fresh disinfectant is used to remove bacteria. This anti-bacterial product makes down (and feathers) hypoallergenic, ensuring durable freshness. Finally, water is removed from down by centrifuge and steam-dried at 100° C/212 °F. Once down is fully dry and sterilized, it is sorted by quality (fillpower-loft).

Are ducks mistreated?

No, never.

 We ensure that down comes from farms complying with Canadian laws on animal ethics. Duck producers have audits on a regular basis to ensure that animals are well treated and never force-fed.

Furthermore, the ducks are raised for food, not for their down and feathers. It’s good to know that a mature duck yields about 95-97 % of its income for meat and 3-5 % for its down. Down is a residual product from the food chain. Unfortunately, the world-wide laws may vary depending on countries.

Each manufacturing company is free to buy down without worrying about the animals being respected in order to save some money. Obviously, that isn’t our choice and neither yours. Thus, all our down products carry the quality assurance label of The Down Association of Canada.

What is the difference between a comforter and a duvet?

A comforter is filled with synthetic insolation while a duvet is filled with natural materials such as down (and/or feathers).

Be cautious of misleading labels on the market such as synthetic down comforters, micro-down duvets, gel down duvets, microfiber down blankets, etc. All these terms are used to describe the polyester comforter.

When it’s a real duvet, the packaging must simply read: down/duvet.

Why does the price of down products vary so much?

There are three factors to consider in the equation: down quality, fabric quality and the manufacturing country of origin.


There are a lot of varieties of down quality due to different fillpower and  because of the mixture composition of down/feathers. Hence, the down factor of 700 will almost cost twice the price of that of 450-500. In addition, the down volume used to fill the duvet will also have a considerable influence on the price. Finally, the animal’s nature is crucial, the eiderdown having the highest market value due to its rarity.


The higher the thread count, the softer and finer the fabric will be, consequently having a proportionnal price. For example, a 400 threads/inch fabric is much more expensive than a 300 threads/ inch fabric.

Manufacturing country and finish details

A product manufactured in Canada costs more in labor than a product manufactured in Asia.

Is goose down better than duck down?

At equal maturity, goose down is better than duck down. However, it is important to know that the down of a mature duck is superior to that of a young goose. Goose genetics provide them with a more voluminous down when younger, but the down of mature duck will be of equal quality. Therefor, goose down with a fillpower of 750 is as good as duck down with a fillpower of 750, since both of them fill the same space with the same weight.

Is white down better than gray down?


The color does not determine the quality, but  white down is generally used for duvets and pillows because the covering fabric is generally white. White down tends to be more expensive because of it’s higher demand on the global market.

Do you make customized down duvets?


Yes, we can make customs duvet. Please contact us at for further information and quotation request. We can make special lenght duvet such as used in RV.


No, but minor changes can be made on demand. Additional fees can apply. Please contact us at for further information.

What’s the difference between down and feathers?

Down is located under the feathers of the animal. It’s a fluffy three-dimensional structure that can stock air, while feathers are flat and cannot store much air. Feathers are only  used for filling space and are much heavier.

When you touch down fill duvet quilt, you feel only softness compare to feather quilt. Feather quilt are more firm with some sharp and crisp. The difference of handfeel is strong and perspicious.

Is it possible to be allergic to down?

Once cleaned and treated, down is as hypoallergenic as synthetic insulating materials.

Our down is cleaned with performance Ultra-fresh® antibacterial.

Is it necessary to put the duvet in a duvetcover?

It is always better to put the duvet in a duvetcover to protect it from dust and dirt. Furthermore, it is easier and faster to wash the duvetcover on a regular basis than the duvet itself. If you choose not to use a duvetcover, it is recommended to wash the duvet as the seasons change, which also has the effect of reducing the lifetime of your duvet.

We now have duvet cover in our online store section.

How big should be the duvetcover / how to choose the duvetcover?

The dimensions are always written on the duvetcover packaging to guide the client, but it may vary from one brand to another. Caution: the duvetcovers found in supermarkets are often too small. Make sure you choose a Queen oversized or King oversized duvetcover to allow the full width and length of your duvet to fit. Smaller duvetcovers can compress your duvet and make it less elegant.

A cover up to 3-4 inch smaller would be ok, but don’t go too much smaller  if you want to enjoy the fully comfort of our duvets. Smaller cover will always fit but it can change breathability and heat level.

Is a down duvet worth the price?

Yes, absolutely.

 Our duvet will last you many years and will stay voluminous, if well cared for and completetly dried after cold wash. On the other hand, a polyester comforter can become thinner and show areas lacking in insulation after a few years. Here is an interesting report about down duvet costs. (Unfortunately, it’s only available in french)

What is the approximate lifetime of a down duvet?

If properly maintained, a down duvet can last  ten years. This is definitely a positive investment for a better night’s sleep.


How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

 We’ll send indivudual confirmation after reception of each order within 48h-72H to give you estimated delivery date. The manufacturing time for duvet can be up to 2-4 WEEKS + 3 days with canada (delivery included on duvet (exept for some very far region). Thank you for your understanding and thank you for choosing local for better sleep.  We also put updates on manufacturing through order/account. You can get updates your order by logging onto your account once your order is completed.

Note: Shipments to rural addresses can take a 1-2 extra days to arrive. Orders are processed and shipped on business days only, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


Do you have promo code ? How to apply a promotional code?

Upon checkout, you can enter your promocode  to get a discount.  VALID ONLINE ONLY.


For the month of July we offer 10% on the duvet cover and extra accessoires when you by a duvet (throws, extra pillow case, dryer wool balls, etc) Discount valid from 1-3 items excluding duvet.



duvet cover


Do you offer warranty?


All seams are guaranteed 5 years.

Where can we find your duvets?

We are exhibiting in various markets and popup shop.

One of a kind, Toronto

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Any nice store in mind near your place where you can imagine our duvets to be sell ? You are more then wellecome to email us ideas. We are currently looking to open points of sale in the following region : north shore of Montreal, Saguenay, Gatineau

Are your duvets ex changeable or refundable ?


For hygenic matters, duvets (and duvet cover) are non-exchangeable, non-refundable.

If you are unsure of which duvet to choose, take the time to contact us and we will be happy to guide you and explain the different levels of heat.


Do you have tips to place my Laduvet into my LN duvet cover?

  1. Pull the cover upside down and place it on your bed. Ribbons up. The zip to the foot of bed.
  2. Place the duvet on the duvet cover. The braids of the duvet must face the ribbon of the cover. Long  rectangular sections of the duvet help you to identify the right/left side of the bed.
  3. Attach the quilt to the cover by making a small loop.
  4. Flip the cover over on the right side by placing the quilt corners.
  5. Close the zip, stir a little.
  6. Admire, enjoy and have sweet dreams

Is it possible to buy online without paypal account ?

Yes. This is not a problem. You can pay as ‘guess’ on paypal.

Payment are secured by paypal but you don’t need to have a paypal account to proceed order.

When is next booking for duvets ? When do you pre-order for duvet?

You can order any duvets and most our covers at the moment.