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  • very happy with our 4 season duvet, our summer duvet and our magnificent duvet cover!!

    Quality products that improve our sleep and the look of our bedrooms.

    In addition, the people are friendly and attentive to our needs. 10/10

    Camille - Chicoutimi, QC

  • Summer duvet

    I had the pleasure of dreaming on a cloud for the first time yesterday. Wow! Since it was over 30 degrees when I got to bed,I kept the air conditioning to max all night in matter of being able to enjoy my duvet. And I have to tell you, I’m really in love with this product.

    It’s amazing, this SUMMER DUVET fluff as much as the winter duvet I had in Montreal, which had cost a little fortune. The quality of the confection, the volume, the lightness and each detail makes it an exceptional bed duvet. The day that I’ll come back in “Nordicity”, I want the whole collection! 🙂 I bought a duvetcover, but I do not want to put it, I find the duvet too beautiful.

    Thanks again for your efficiency
    Wishing success to Laduvet Nordique!

    Anne L. - Montevideo, Uruguay


    Whoa!!!!!!    It’s BEAUTIFUL 🙂 Even better than expected. I really mean that.  I will be dealing with you again in the near future and telling many people about your business and your products, to Nova Scotians. I took a long shot chance and found a wonderful Company via your classy website.   Again,  many many thanks for your service.

    Helen M. - Nova Scotia


    First of all, congratulations, the product arrives in an impeccable packaging. In addition, I was told when I bought a house: “Shawn, buy a good mattress for sleep.” I bought a local product that I’m more than happy with. On the other hand, nobody had told me to buy a quality duvet. I lugged my CEGEP blanket with me from housing to housing. Then, he arrived Laduvet Nordic. A night to put the temperature too high and here I am to decrease the degree to 18. Since then, I sleep very well. Too even. I do not want to get up in the morning. It’s like sleeping in a cloud. Thank you so much for the great service! Beautiful litle personalized note, nothing better 🙂

    Shawn - Gatineau, Québec

  • We are proud to contribute in a way to grow this young company by buying the products and making them known to our entourage.

    Our 4-SEASONS DUVET and our BLANKET DUVET  are not only warm but they are beautiful, well designed and well thought out. All the little details make all the difference with your competitors. Your prices are reasonable for the quality of the products and in addition, it’s a Quebec company and moreover, from Repentigny !!!!

    It is certain that we will speak well of Laduvet Nordique!

    Big thanks  !!!

    Anne & Luc - Montréal, Québec

  • I just wanted to share our great satisfaction with the reception of our new 4 seasons duvet. Really, you’ve thought of all the important details to come up with the perfect duvet quilt. Believe me, I’ve read a lot about it and I find that the time and effort you’ve invested has yielded results to make your competitors jealous. We greatly appreciate your little attention to the making that makes all the difference.

    Thank you for cuddle us into a cloud every night! Be assured that we will share our great satisfaction toward your product with our entourage.

    Long life to Laduvet Nordique.

    Hélène & Bernard - Québec, Québec

    Just wanted to reach out to you to tell you how much I love the duvet! My mom, purchased it for me for Christmas and

    I absolutely love it! It is so fluffy and comfortable and it looks perfect on our bed. It was an amazing gift to receive!! I will certainly keep the company in mind and will refer the brand as often as I can. Thanks so much ! We both loved the personal touch with the note in the packaging.


    Katrina- Ottawa, Ontario

  • We absolutely wanted to write to you, to tell you how much we are delighted, happy and fully satisfied with our acquisition.

    We bought the Nordic duvet and it perfectly meets our expectations. Now I’m not cold at night and what we particularly like is its lightness.

    The confection is of very high quality, the delivery was done quickly and the small handwritten words demonstrates a concern for detail.

    We talked about Laduvet to many people,hope they will have the happiness of dreaming like us.

    Geneviève et Daniel - Montréal, Québec


    Few words to tell you how much I love my new duvet! Thank you for your high quality products.

    I can’t wait to go to bed every night so my comforter is comfortable and enrobante.

    Good luck to your Quebec company!

    Louise-Andrée -Nanaimo, BC

  • Last week, we did receive the SUMMER DUVET and REVERSIBLE COVER DENIM & LUNAR that we ordered.

    Indeed, your delivery service is fast. A few nights have passed. What happiness to sleep without getting cold or, on the contrary, sweaty. The quality of the products is exceptional.

    Your advice to choose the summer duvet, in our specific case,  was most judicious.

    Thanks again and long life “prosperous” to a charming home-based business in Quebec.

    Jacques - Sherbrooke, QC

  • I must congratulate you for a great product !!!

    I bought the 4-seasons duvet and it’s fantastic.

    I did not sleep so comfortably in my life, even in mid-summer!

    The look is great. I will surely recommend your products to my friends !!

    Vanessa - Vaudreuil, QC

  • Hello everyone,

    I take few minutes to give you my opinion on Laduvet Nordique. I am known to those around me to shop thoroughly and in detail when I want to make a good purchase. My choice stopped on Laduvet Nordique, because from my first contacts with them, I had a good feeling. I talked with Annie the owner and I quickly saw that she knew what she was talking about! She even taught me a lot. Her honesty also count for a lot, she even offered me to go to the store and compare, no pressure from him … far from the technique of car salesman. I have my 4-seasons duvet since the holiday season, yes it’s true that the price is a little high, but it’s really worth it, you will see the quality immediately of a product made by hand only for you and by people in your area. Why not do like me and encourage them 🙂 To finish I want to mention that if I could give a prize in my year 2018 it is to them that I would give it! Top service, quality product knowledge, friendly and available to you. Thanks to the Nordic Laduvet team for everything, including a beautiful sleep

    Éric- Repentigny, QC

  • 4-seasons duvet and reversible cover

    I just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service received.

    I am proud to encourage local entrepreneurs and Quebec / Canadian products.

    Very happy with the comfort and quality of the duvet and cover. Excellent products.

    Maxim- Granby, QC

  • After more than a year of using our 4-seasons duvet, we wanted to share our satisfaction with you.

    This duvet can keep us warm when it’s chilly at home and cool us down on warmer nights.

    We also wanted to congratulate you for the personal touch that consists of a memo inside the packaging.

    This attention pleased us, showing that the customer is important to you.

    Annie & Pascal- Longueuil, QC

  • Custom order

    I received my 4-seasons duvet and size was perfect to fit in my cover. I have been using it for a few days already and my duvet, except the top sheet, is enough to bring me comfort and good sleep. I loved my personalized shopping with you.

    Thank you.

    Amande- Montreal, Qc

  • 4-seasons duvet and reversible cover

    I want to tell you that I appreciated a lot the way you prepared and handled order. I was able to received the cover as per my request colors.

    Thank you and be sure that I will inform my friends of my satisfaction with Laduvet Nordique.
    Thank you again, for a very satisfied customer.

    Joanne - Mont-Royal, QC

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