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The stitching and seam design is identical to our classic 4-seasons duvet, but its volume is reduced. This stylish square quilt stitched into 12”closed cells provides uniform heat and prevents down migration to the ends of the duvet after only a few nights

Oversized duvet covers elegantly the sides of the mattress.

Pictures were taken with 15’’ high mattress.


This duvet is ultra-light weight and has about 10% less down than our classic 4-seasons duvet.

Heat level and comfort zone

Designed for warmer room temperatures or simply for those who prefer stay cool, this thinner duvet will bring softness and comfort. It will please those who are less tolerant to heat. We suggest this style for your guest room. The name is an image to describe the duvet but some may like it all year long. More if you are very easy warm when you sleep you may enjoy the very light version called blancket.


This one has less volume than our 4-seasons duvet, but is just as luxurious. We recommand this duvet in room from 18-22C. Summer duvet is also a good choice if you want to use a thick  and warmer duvet cover.

Small loop details

There are six loops (four in the corners and two more on the sides) to maintain the duvet in the duvet cover. It’s therefor more cozy at night and easier to make your bed.


With the idea to offer duvet that will last many years, hems have a double finishing; four thread overlock stitches and a charming ¾” biais. Several stitchings are also duplicated to maximize durability.

Machine washable

You can wash the duvet with a domestic washing machine, provided that it does not include a central agitator. Details in FAQ.


May & June 2020 : we received lot of order recently.  If your selected size is not in stock, it takes about 15 days opening for manufacturing +3 days shipping. Thank you for your understanding. We send confirmation and estimated delivery schedule after each order within 48h.  This duvet is also availables in the partner stores : Kastella (Mtl, QC), Sous le toit (Quebec city QC), Rouge Pin (Val David, qc)

Proudly made in our factory based in Quebec. June 9, 2020: Due to exceptional circumstances related to covid19, the manufacturing time can be up to 15 working days + 3 days with Xpresspost (delivery included). Thank you for your understanding and thank you for choosing local for better sleep. If you want to get a summer duvet faster, you can go to one of the partner stores. Please call and visit Kastella (MTL, QC), Rouge Pin (Val David, QC), Sous le toit (Québec, QC) for yours.

This product is Downmark® Certified, by the Down Association of Canada.


Additional information

Duvet type

Fresh duvet


2,3 lbs / 1004 g


Timeless pure white


Double+, King+, Queen+

Double +

Length : 95" / 241 cm, Width: 84" / 214 cm

Queen +

Filling: 23 oz / 650 g, Length: 95" / 241 cm, Width: 95" / 241 cm

King +

Filling : 28 oz / 788 g, Length: 95" / 241cm, Width: 110" / 279 cm



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