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Fashion comes and goes by, but quality and functionality of a product remains timeless.

We encourage people to do sustainable and responsible shopping. In other words, to take the time to gather enough information before they make a choice in order to ensure they buy a quality product that will last through the years rather than a disposable and unsustainable product. Why not use our purchasing power to make a positive impact on the environment and our society; a product manufactured in Canada will protect and help our economy grow. Let’s be proud of our choices. The manufacturing workshop has recently moved to Lavaltrie, QC where we make our magnificent pieces of bedding: premium quality down duvet, duvet covers, blankets, pillowcases, throws.

Elegant, refined, comfortable,
sustainable and timeless.

When you buy a Laduvet Nordique duvet, you’re not only buying a product but also the hard work of our team who provide you with the best cloud sample in order to make you enjoy a calm and restful night:  because we all have a busy day tomorrow , we deserve better sleep.” If each of us would make a local purchase for at least one garment or home accessory, Canadian economy would be greatly improved.

Laduvet Nordique is a member of:

– The down Association of Canada

– La Chambre de commerce de la MRC de l’Assomption 

– Signé Local

Rigor, accountability, transparency and respect are the preferred values that guide our daily actions and decisions.

We are commited to be sincere, honest, efficient and accurate in our production, sales and deliveries. Meeting your needs and insuring your satisfaction is our goal.

Quality assurance

It’s our promise to offer you a product that will meet your needs and fully satisfy you.

Nordic is not only an adjective to describe a climate,

The designer
behind the scene

Annie Patenaude

Founded by

Annie Patenaude

Determined, audacious, visonary

  • Born to be an entrepreneur, she made her path to achieve her goals from a young age
  • She obtained a bachelor’s degree in industrial fashion management and has specialized in product development and in Canadian manufacturing;
  • She has also worked in several outerwear companies as designer and production manager.
  • She now masters the best insulation techniques for winter goods. Natural down is from far favorite material to work with in order to provide cozy warmth.
  • Always enjoying the little things of life, with her passion for traveling, adventures and new discoveries;
  • She describes herself as a nordic person and takes her inspirations from her passionate love for cold, winter and ice. She designs great products that bring comfort, softness and warmth.

Happiness comes naturally when you make a living out of your passion!

–Annie Patenaude