• balles de laine laduvet nordique dans la boite

Dryer balls Set canadian wool


These are the perfect balls for big piece such as bedding. Their size is big which create more mouvements in the dryer and help on efficiency. There is a grey line on each of them, color may vary since it’s all natural wool. Each of them is unique since it’s natural and handmade.

Set included

  • 3 big balls  – about 4” diameter, custom made for Laduvet.
  • 1 coton bag made in Québec with Laduvet Nordique leftover fabric. It’s zero wasted and ecofriendly.


Balls are handmade in Ontario from sheep wool. 100% proudly grown, milled and made in Ontario Canada by Revolution wool. Family farm is based in Wallenstein and owns by Romy Schill. Sheeps are happy to be sheared.

Important to know : Shearing the sheep to remove the wool is a healthy process. When a sheep goes unshorn they are challenged with many health concerns. The inability to properly regulate body temperature, visual and physical obstructions by the wool, this significantly shortens their life span

Annie Patenaude and Romy Schill share similar values : making localy in respect with environnement and nature.

Purpose and how to use

  Adding 3 big wools balls in the dryer help to reduce the drying time by 30-40% . It is better for environnement and you will save on your electricity bill.  The balls are definitively long lasting – approx 1000 loads. Wools’ natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. It’s a sustainable products that everyone loves. We recommand to put few drops of your favorite natural essential oils to bring fressness and help reduce the stress. (for exemple chose some with calming and serenity effect : eucalyptus, lavender, bergamot, jasmine, chamomile). The balls may be helpfull to reduce and prevent wrinkles and static. It replace sheet of sofner. Those are more specifically made for bedding but we believe you will enjoy using them for all textiles, garments that need drying and other down products.

More, to refresh bedding such as natural duvet, we recommand to do a partial care maintenance once a whil meaning putting the bedding in the dryer at very low temperature with balls and essentiel oil to remove humidity in down product and fluff it. Partial care maintenance is a good habit to have to remove dust from bedding products. You can do complete washing and dry the duvet with the balls or do the partiel care maintenance with just trumbling duvet with balls and essential oil. When doing complete washing and drying, you may do 20-25 minutes cycle, shake each sections of the duvet and start again until completely dry. Never leave humidity into your duvet or any down product.

The wonder of wool

A rich history all over the world for centuries, wool has many amazing benefits that may suprise you:

  •  Natural & renewable
  •  Biodegradable
  •  Wicks moisture
  •  Anti-microbial/bacterial
  •  Resists dust mites and allergens
  •  Odour & stain resistant
  •  Durable
  •  Fire resistant

Store instruction

Store in dry and well ventilated area.

This product is zero waste and ecofriendly made with a combination of both ontario and quebec rich manufacturing know-how.  When buying this product, you buy lab0r of 2 women own’s family business and you help us bulding our dreams… Thank you


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