Double duvets set, european style 2 x Twins+


It’s a set of two 4-seasons heat level duvets. Both duvets are identical. Stylish square quilt stitched into 12”closed cells provides uniform heat and prevents down migration to the ends of the duvet after only a few nights.

Why 2 duvets?

It’s a dream. Everyone finds comfort without compromised. A person may enjoy the cozy and warmth of the duvet while other may like to sleep without or remove it after falling asleep. More, nobody will play strongest while pulling duvet on its side and everyone will remains well snuggle up throughout the night. It is not without reason that the concept is so popular in Europe.

More possibilities

Make your bed with symmetry from left to right as well presented in the hotel. To make this look, fold both duvet in half, put one on left side and other on right side of the bed. You may also like to place the duvets perpendicular for a conventional effect. Put one to cover the top of the matress and other to be place as a through over the feet of the bed.


The two separated twin+ duvet measured (width)72” x (lenght)95”. Duo is made for Queen size matress bed of king size matress. When placing both duvet beside each other, it makes 144” width.


You will enjoy the lightness of this model without sacrificing warmth. filling: 25 oz / 706 g per duvet.

Heat level & comfort zone

All you need is a thin cotton sheet and a duvet cover to be comfortable. Please refer to 4-seasons duvet heat level for more information.


This quilt duvet is a fluffy dream worthy of the greatest magazine looks. The center of each cell can reach 4 inches in thickness under optimal conditions.

Small loop details

Good news! Each duvet has six loops (four in the corners and two more on the sides) to maintain the duvet in the duvet cover. It’s therefor more cozy at night and easier to make your bed.


With the idea to offer duvet that will last many years, hems have a double finishing; four thread overlock stitches and a charming ¾” biais. Several stitchings are also duplicated to maximize durability.

Machine washable

You can wash the duvet with a domestic washing machine, provided that it does not include a central agitator. Details in the FAQ.

Please send us email if you are interest in the same concept made with double size duvet or if you are looking for 2 different level of heat-thickness.

Product approved by the Down Association of Canada (Downmark®). 

Please note that we manufacture this set upon order. Manufacturing time is about 3-4 weeks. Please note that the set does not included the duvet cover. This dual duvet set can be use on queen or king size bed. In our photos, white bed is queen size, brown bed is king size.


Additional information

Duvet type

Medium heat


95 ’ ’ / 241 cm


72 ’ ’ /183 cm


700 +


4 ’ ’ / 10 cm


21,5 oz / 608 g


2 lbs / 907 gr


Timeless pure white


Available on backorder

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