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A quilting sewn into closed cels prevents the down to end up at the bottom of the duvet after only a few nights. No down migration after only a few nights. The 15-1/2 “wide squares allow the down to store a maximum of air for excellent cold insulation.

Oversized Duvets

To elegantly cover the sides of the mattress.


You will be surprised to see how light this duvet quilt is while bringing great warmth. No compromises to make.

Heat level and comfort zone

You will be well wrapped in this hot duvet. It is ideal for very chilly people and those who like to sleep the window open by freezing temperatures. It is also a model that is well suited to rooms without heating and winter cabins. Some will say that the Nordic duvet is hot, others say it is very hot; but everyone agrees that it is a duvet that brings a lot of warmth without neglecting the breathability. Knowing that sleep patterns vary from person to person, it is recommended to maintain a lower temperature in the bedroom for better breathing and better sleep. With this duvet, no need to go higher then 17 to feel cozy.  We recommand no heat or almost not. The humidity of the room is also a factor to consider in maximizing airway comfort; 35-50 % is intended. Not recommended for people who are easily hot.


Its impressive volume will make your friends jealous. This duvet is worthy of the decors of great magazines. The center of a bulkhead will be very thick. A down of such a quality will keep its volume for decades, contrary to a low quality down (coming from immature ducks) which tends to flatten in a short time, its fibers being too fragile.

Small details of loops

Good news! There are 7 ribbons (at the 4 corners and 2 on the width, 1 center top) to keep the duvet in place in the cover. More comfort during the night and more ease to make your bed.


Still in the idea of offering a duvet that will cross the years, the hems of duvets have a double finish; a 4-thread stitch and a charming ¾ “bias. Several of the stitching are also doubled to maximize durability.

Machine washable

It is possible to wash the duvets directly at home in a washer without central agitator. All of our maintenance recommendations can be found in the FAQ section.


Product approved by the Canadian Downmark® Association.

The Nordic duvet is always produced limited quantity. When you place an order on this style, we have 7 days opening for production + 2-3 days with Canada Posts.

Also available in limited quantities at Kastella (Montreal, QC)

queen+ 529+tx

king+ 589+tx

Additional information

Duvet type

Warm duvet


Timeless pure white


King+, Queen+

Queen +

Filling: 31 ox / 875 g, Length: 95" / 241 cm, Width: 95" / 241 cm

King +

Filling: 35 oz / 1000 g, Length: 95" / 241cm, Width: 110" / 279 cm



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