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Fitted sheetwarm grey tencel

Design and purposes

Fitted sheet or also called elastic sheet to cover high mattress. The 360° 1” wide elastic keep the sheet well in place. Made with thick gusset, you can pull the fitted sheet far under mattress. You won’t wake up in the middle of the night with out of control sheet and an apparent mattress. It will sure keep the mattress well warp for a long time.
A little detail that will make the difference : There is a ribbon to help you to find the correct sens of the sheet and help you to place it correctly on the mattress. With this ribbon you won’t be turning and turning to find right and left side versus head and feet of the mattress. You will enjoy it.

Textile composition

60% tencel, 40% coton. This textile blend is very breathable, durable and made in respect to the environnement.  Tencel is made with less water then bamboo fabric and tencel is carbon zero. We chose tencel for sustainability.  This tencel – coton blend is less creased then other fabric on the market and remains breathable against microfiber sheet.

about TENCEL™ fibers

TENCEL™ branded lyocell and modal fibers are made from controlled or certified sourced natural raw material wood. Their production processes are refined to maximize resource efficiency and minimize environmental impact.
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Production of TENCEL™ fibers
TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fiber production processes are continuously refined to maximize resource efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Consequently, carbon emissions and water consumption of TENCEL™ fibers are at least 50% lower compared to generic lyocell and modal fibers, according to Higg MSI*.



Made to cover generously your mattress.

  • queen fitted sheet : ideal for 14-17” queen mattress
  • king fitted sheet : ideal for 12-16” king mattress
You can wash this bedding piece with a domestic washing machine.  Wash gentle cycle, low temperature. Wash in cold water. Do not use bleach. Do not use softner.
Trumble dry low temperature.  Iron medium temperature.  We recommand to use dryer balls set to help reducing the drying time. Shrinkage from washing is to be expected and this will make the size of the sheet perfect according to width and length of the mattress.

Available online. We have only a couple units of those elastique sheets. They are made from a first mini batch that we call SAMPLE .  Making samples allows us to find the best production methods for future large batches. This also allowed us to confirm the purchase of a furtur sewing machine. Thank you for choosing Laduvet Nordique and helping us develop our furture collection. Made by hands with lots of love by Laduvet Nordique. Made in Québec, Canada.  You will love our launching mini batch price. FINAL SALE

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