• 4-seasons duvet



This stylish square quilt stitched into 12”closed cells provides uniform heat and prevents down migration to the ends of the duvet after only a few nights. The stitches passing throught the three layers help evacuate the heat generated naturally by the body during sleep.

Oversized duvet

Extra large duvet elegantly covers the sides of the mattress. The photos were taken with a 15” high mattress.


It’s always tempting to compare the amount of duvet from one brand to another to make the best choice; but that must be done with caution. Ideally, you should compare duvets having similar dimensions and similar fillpower (loft). You will enjoy the lightness of this model without sacrificing warmth.

Heat level & comfort zone

Definitely the perfect balance, neither too hot nor too cold. No need to change duvet type from winter to summer or vice versa. All you need is a thin cotton sheet and a duvet cover to be comfortable. For colder temperatures, some will change their thin cotton sheet for a flannel cotton sheet. Blankets and sheets made of synthetic fiber must be avoided because they are less breathable. Studies show that the heat level of each person can influence the temperature felt when sleeping. For example, a person whose immune system is weakened will be more sensitive to the cold while those who have a havier weight may feel more warmth during their sleep. Knowing that sleep habits vary from person to person, it is recommended to maintain a lower temperature in the bedroom ranging from 16 to 18˚C to breath and sleep better. The room humidity is also a factor to consider in order to increase comfort; 35 to 50% is a comfortable zone.


This quilt duvet is a fluffy dream worthy of the greatest magazine looks. A duvet made of this supreme down quality will keep its volume during decades in comparison to a lower down quality (mostly from immature ducks), which tends to flatten quickly because the fibers are too weak.

Small loop details

Good news! There are six loops (four in the corners and two more on the sides) to maintain the duvet in the duvet cover. It’s therefor more cozy at night and easier to make your bed.


With the idea to offer duvet that will last many years, hems have a double finishing; four thread overlock stitches and a charming ¾” biais. Several stitchings are also duplicated to maximize durability.

Machine washable

You can wash the duvet with a domestic washing machine, provided that it does not include a central agitator.


Product approved by the Down Association of Canada (Downmark®).

Additional Information

Duvet type

Medium heat


750 +


Timeless pure white


Double+, King+, Queen+, Twin+

Twin +

Filling: 25 oz / 706 g, Length : 95″ / 241 cm, Width: 72″ / 183 cm

Double +

Filling: 25 oz / 706 g, Length : 95″ / 241 cm, Width: 84″ / 214 cm

Queen +

Filling: 27 ox / 775 g, Length: 95″ / 241 cm, Width: 95″ / 241 cm

King +

Filling: 31 oz / 875 g, Length: 95″ / 241cm, Width: 110″ / 279 cm


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